What's it like to live on a Happy Eggs Farm?

How do the happy egg co. make happy eggs?

The answer is simple: by keeping their chickens happy! The happy egg company takes care to make sure that life on the farm is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible, promoting the birds' welfare by maintaining a number of demands that every happy egg co. farm must meet.

To help build an environment that feels natural for chickens, happy egg co. farms provide their birds with 'activity kits', developed from research conducted by the University of Bristol, who found that domesticated hens are capable of a much higher level of intelligence that previously thought. The birds were recorded as performing tasks involving logic, social interaction and the ability to count to five, leading the happy egg co. to introduce areas on the farms in which hens could interact, climb and perch.

Promoting a natural and stimulating environment are crucial parts of making life on a happy egg co. farm an enjoyable experience. Because of this, the company allows their chickens to roam freely across acres of maintained range. At least ten percent of every farm is made up of wooded or forested areas. The fact that chickens naturally like to explore and peck through undergrowth means habitats such as hedgerows and tree lines are important for their welfare, and by ensuring a percentage of wild areas on each farm, the happy egg co. can be confident that life for their birds is as natural as possible.

Aside from providing a natural environment, the company takes other steps to make life on the farm interesting for the birds. Further research from the University of Bristol revealed that the presence of a cockerel around groups of hens had positive effects, reducing stress and aggression. As happy egg co. farms are unable to mix cockerels with their hens (for obvious reasons), the company improvised by creating the Nice Pecks calendar. It shows life-size photographs of cockerels posing, and these were strategically placed at points around the farms.

Laying eggs is obviously another hugely important part of life on the farm for both chickens and the happy egg co. As chickens prefer privacy and seclusion when they lay their eggs, the farms have enclosed, indoor nesting boxes, which are left unsupervised. These boxes are open to the birds at any time of day. As they lay one egg approximately every twenty-six hours, the nesting boxes are a much-used part of the farms. It's therefore important that the happy egg co. continues to do everything necessary to ensure the hens' welfare at this crucial point in the production process.

All in all, for the hens of the happy egg co. farms, it doesn't look like life can get much better! You can find out more about the happy egg company by visiting their social media profiles at; Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.